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You can choose to receive information via a wide range of email alerts as described below. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are set to “on” by default, but all alerts can be switched on and off whenever you like. Information sent via email is also available on the TheDCOffice.com website.

Email AlertInstant Access ToFeaturesSent
Weekly Recap*Concise summaries of prior week’s regulatory events and what’s coming up- Links to full summaries
- Archived on website
Monday a.m.
Quick Update*Concise summaries of prior day’s regulatory events- Links to full summaries
- Comment due-dates for open proceedings
- Calendar of events
- Your personal calendar
- Service updates
Daily a.m.
DCO Daily Release*Complete FCC Daily Digest
The DCO PaginatorTM
– a separate searchable PDF compilation of all documents released
- Reformatted for easy scanning
- Links to source documents
- Searchable archive on DCO website
Daily mid-day
FCC Late Releases*Documents released by the FCC after publication of the Daily Digest- Email links directly to PDFs
- Also posted on DCO website
Daily as released, after FCC Daily Digest publication
FCC BlogOfficial FCC Blog- Full text of Blog in email body with link to FCC website versionWithin minutes of posting
FCC Non-Docketed FilingsDaily batch of paper documents submitted to the FCC, not associated with docketed proceedings- Individually scanned to PDF by the DCO
- Archived and searchable on DCO website
- Not available on FCC website
Once daily
FCC Docketed Paper FilingsDaily batch of paper documents submitted to the FCC and associated with one or more docketed proceeding- Individually scanned to PDF by the DCO
- Archived and searchable on DCO website
- Some eventually available on FCC website
Once daily
Track-a-Docket FCCPublic comments and ex partes filed in docketed proceedings in the Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) at fcc.gov- Brief profile of filing party
- Direct links to filed documents
- Track unlimited number of dockets at no extra charge
Throughout the day, within minutes of posting
Track-a-Docket DCOUpdated DCO summaries of Orders, NPRMs, Public Notices, Federal Register effective dates and due dates for the dockets you are tracking- Direct link to updated information and documents on the DCO websiteAs the DCO website is updated
Broadcast Application Alerts (BAA)Details of the latest FCC action on broadcast applications you track, days before Daily Digest publication- Beta version now available
- Track by filer (self or third party), call sign, facility ID
- Direct links to application and status summary
As the applications you track change status