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TheDCOexpress.com Status Update

To: Free Trial Users of TheDCOexpress.com

Subject: Status Update for Free Trial Users of TheDCOexpress.com

May 9, 2022

This announcement is for free-trial users of TheDCOexpress.com to keep them informed
about the status of the service and the coming transition to the “paid for” version.

Please note the following:

Additional 2-Week Extension of TheDCOexpress Free Trial

To allow additional development time to fully restore TheDCOexpress.com docket
tracking feature after the FCC’s recent launch of its new Electronic Comment Filing
System (ECFS), the expiration of the free trial now underway is extended by two
additional weeks, from May 9 to May 23, 2022. We can also report that our new Group
Payment feature is undergoing final testing. This feature enables one individual in an
organization to make a single monthly credit card payment of $290 covering all individual
users in the organization with a common email domain.

We have also restored the ability for smaller organizations to use the same credit card to
pay the $29 monthly rate for each of its individual user accounts.