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The DC Office® is the regulatory information service for communication professionals.

The DC Office Inc.’s team of skilled professionals combines expert subject knowledge, cutting-edge IT know-how and a client-first business philosophy to produce and deliver this specialized and consistently reliable communications regulatory information service to clients.

Our editorial work and service design draw on over 30 years of direct involvement and experience in the field – from the FCC’s Second Computer Inquiry and the Bell System divestiture, through passage and implementation of the ’96 Act, to the current debates on “open Internet”, net neutrality, broadband deployment, spectrum and wireless services, and media ownership.

Having supported the leading specialist law firms and top communications companies for many years, we understand that excellent organization and quality of information are vital to greater efficiency.  That’s why our entire service is designed around ease of use, quality, expert content and fast access to the reference tools and source information our clients need.

To meet the continuing needs of our clients as topics shift and IT advances, The DC Office team ensures that our scope of coverage, website research tools, and email alerts address changes in the telecom, broadcasting and Internet industries and associated regulation and legislation.