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Subscribers to The DC Office® receive full, password-enabled access to TheDCOffice.com website, including all of the features summarized here. See them in action during your free trial.

At your option, the information you want is sent to you via customizable email alerts.

DCO Super-Search – A single search window, always visible, that sends your search terms or docket number through all of the DCO’s databases and returns indexed results found under each of twelve categories of information.

Quick Update – Executive summaries of regulatory events with links to full summaries containing source documents, on the website and delivered each morning via email.

All Headlines – Headlines for regulatory events in date order, with links to full summaries.

Weekly Recap – A summary of the prior week’s regulatory activities and a look ahead, also sent via email each Monday morning. This is a great catch-up tool for times when you have been busy or away from the office, or when focusing on a priority project to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Legislation – Actions taken by Congress on all telecom, broadcasting and Internet bills before the House and the Senate, tracked by title, subject, date, bill number, and pipeline status, with email alerts.

Due Dates – A list of active FCC proceedings and public notices, showing when comments and reply comments are due.

DCO Releases – DCO Daily Releases, including searchable FCC Daily Digest from 2001, Late Releases, Docketed Paper Filings and Non-Docketed Filings, with a searchable archive from May 2008.

FCC Blog – Receive the full text of official FCC Blog postings via email with link to FCC website version within minutes of posting.

Subject Home Pages – Over 80 “home pages” for subjects covered by The DC Office with headlines, summaries, comment due dates, and other information specific to each area.

FCC Dockets – FCC dockets by bureau with direct links to docket records at fcc.gov. and links to documents and summaries at TheDCOffice.com for each docket.

Track-a-Docket FCC – Sends automatic email alerts within minutes after the FCC adds documents at fcc.gov to the record of any dockets you select, with direct links to the posted documents.

Track-a-Docket DCO – A relative of Track-a-Docket FCC. Track-a-Docket DCO alerts you via email when Federal Register notices (e.g. due dates, effective dates, etc.) are published for dockets you are tracking, or when we post a summary of the FCC’s latest action in a docketed proceeding you are following.

Court Actions – Headlines for court actions, primarily federal appeals courts’ decisions, in date and subject order with links to summaries.

Broadcast Application Alerts (BAA) (BETA version pending FCC revisions) – Email alerts sent to you when the FCC posts an action taken on a broadcast application that you or a third party has filed, or by any call sign or facility ID you select, shortly after the action taken appears in the Consolidated Database System (CDBS) at fcc.gov and days before appearing in the FCC’s Daily Digest (note: The FCC is planning to replace CDBS with another system at some point in the future, at which time this BAA feature will no longer be available as is.)

DCO-LinkApp – A portal with subject index and suggestive search features to the many external web resources associated with US communications regulation—over 1,400 links and counting.

Calendar – Monthly and daily calendars listing scheduled events including due dates, FCC and Congressional hearings, auctions, advisory, and other events. Add your own entries and upload all to your Outlook or other calendar.

’34 Act – An indexed hyperlinked version of the Communications Act of 1934 as amended by the ’96 Act.

’96 Act – A complete indexed hyperlinked version of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

FCC Documents – A searchable table of all FCC documents in TheDCOffice.com database, sorted by FCC, DA and DOC number, with links to their summaries.

FCC Record – Find an FCC Record citation and retrieve the corresponding document in searchable PDF format in seconds.

Glossary – Over 600 specialized regulatory terms.

Code of Federal Regulations (eCFRs) – An index of external links to an up-to-date online version of Chapter I, Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (official FCC rules) and other chapters.

USC – Convenient search-assisted access to an external version of Title 47, United States Code: Telegraphs, Telephones, and Radiotelegraphs, and other USC Titles.