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What is The DC Office?

The DC Office® is the regulatory information service for communications professionals, providing original content with a sharp focus on the proposals and decisions that shape Federal policy in telecommunications, broadcasting and the Internet at the FCC, Congress, and the courts.

What kind of information does The DC Office provide?

Explanations of FCC regulatory actions, Congressional legislative initiatives, and appeals courts’ decisions are presented daily in a hierarchy of original content, from headlines to concise abstracts, to substantial summaries containing instant links to source documents and prior events, enabling clients to dig as deeply as they wish on any topic.

How is the information provided?

TheDCOffice.com® website holds all current and historical regulatory and legislative information and is updated throughout the business day. An easy-to-use tab structure and the new DCO Super-Search™ feature make navigation and information retrieval efficient and hassle-free.

How does the service compare with competing services?

We prefer to leave direct comparisons with other services in the hands of our prospects who are invited to judge for themselves during our no-obligation free trial. The DC Office offers a unique collection of content, service features, and productivity tools that are custom-designed for communications professionals.

How much does the service cost?

The service is competitively priced and, from a cost-benefit standpoint, the price charged is substantially less than the value the service provides to our clients, as measured in hours of work saved, level of awareness maintained, ease of “coming up to speed” on new and recurring topics, reliability, and immediate access to a deep archive of essential but often hard-to-find documents and cloud resources. Pricing information is provided during the set-up of our no-obligation free trial.